Stephen Hara

My Career


2022 October - PresentJapan (remote)

At Indeed I initially worked on backends for the core advertising systems. Currently I work on data pipelines that ingest and transform data later to be used by the ML teams. On both teams I've also driven process changes to improve developer efficiency, code quality, and product testability.

JavaKotlinPythonProcess improvementDeveloper ExperienceData engineering

Woven Planet

2020 August - 2022 OctoberTokyo, Japan

At Woven Planet I worked on the developer tool suite for the Arene vehicle development platform. Our core product is written in Rust. In addition to my primary role, I also worked on improvements to hiring and standardization of certain tools in our organization.

RustC++Technical leadershipHiring and interviewing improvementDeveloper Experience

Otafuku Lab

2019 October - 2020 MayOsaka, Japan

At Otafuku Lab I worked on outsourced projects in Java and AngularJS/Ionic framework.

AngularJSPythonHiring and interviewing improvement


2018 July - 2019 OctoberOsaka, Japan

At Mitsucari I worked on the core recruitment-hiring-matching platform in Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on RailsJavascriptDeveloper experience

Inxite Health Inc

2017 June - 2018 JanuaryColumbus, OH

At Inxite Health I revamped their interviewing process to incorporate more standardized technical evaluations, provided strategic guidance on their technical direction along with implementing processes for daily development to increase code quality, testability, and reliability, as well as developing a "version 2.0" application framework for their data processing pipeline. Most of my work here was done in Python.

PHPPythonJavascriptSoftware architectureHiring and interviewing improvementDeveloper experience

Aver Inc (now Enlace Health)

2015 May - 2017 MayColumbus, OH

At Aver, I worked on all levels of the core Informatics product as well as the newer products. This included: migrations to new technologies, sometimes as a lead; implementing prototypes; designing, implementing, and deploying features of sizes between 1 day and 7 months; tracking down critical bugs and preventing their regression; and assistance with hiring and interviewing.

PHPPythonJavascriptSoftware architectureHiring and interviewing improvementDeveloper experience

JP Morgan Chase

2013 July - 2015 MayColumbus, OH

At JPMC, I started on the deployment automation team, working with application developers to write scripts and implement infrastructure to minimize the human element of their deployment processes. After about a year I switched to a development team, where I maintained some legacy projects, as well as led a rewrite of an internal application for calculating the US tax obligation for foreign entities with US-based income.


Ohio State University - Dept. of Biomedical Informatics

2011 December - 2013 MayColumbus, OH

While I was in university, I joined a biomedical informatics lab led by Dr. Victor Jin focusing in identifying genetic markers for susceptibility to breast cancer. While working in Dr. Jin's lab, I contributed data and visualizations to a paper showing correlation of exon-skipping events to other genetic factors.

PythonSupercomputer usageAcademic researchBioinformatics