Stephen Hara

My name is Stephen Hara, and I am a software engineer, guitarist, and cooking enthusiast living in Kansai, Japan! This is my personal website where you can find my blog, some of my professional information, and some links to my social media.

I've been programming as a hobby since 2003 when I decided to try making my own games with C++. In 2013 I graduated from Ohio State University with a bachelor's in computer science and engineering and a minor in Japanese. Since then I've worked professionally as a software engineer in multiple industries, such as finance, health insurance, small business insurance, briefly telecom, automotive, and currently I'm working at Indeed in Japan.

My interests are mostly in game development, NLP (especially related to historical linguistics), and category theory, particularly in its relation to formal verification and proving correctness of programs. I'm a big fan of Elixir and Rust!