Stephen Hara

About Me

I'm originally from Ohio and graduated from Ohio State University in 2013 with a degree in computer science and engineering, and a minor in Japanese. I can speak Japanese in professional environments. I currently work and live in Kansai, Japan for Indeed Japan as a data pipeline engineer.

At work, I strive for continuous improvement personally and for the teams I work on. I love driving initiatives and projects that make something better - the way we work, the products we build, the experience of working together. I crave the satisfaction of a good team success and offer my time and guidance where I can to raise up others on the team, even if it means I don't personally deliver every project.

My Interests

I'm a big fan of gaming and technology, music, and reading and education. Many of my hobby projects fall under one of these categories, some of which can be found at my GitHub. I used to play a lot more guitar, but haven't found as much time to do so lately as I'd like. That said, I'm always down to talk about gear! I read a lot.

My favorite music tends to be video game music and various genres of rock and metal. I'm a huge fan of FERN PLANET, and I went to their last concert and was really sad when they announced they were breaking up. I also really like RADWIMPS, Girugamesh, Iron Maiden, and a bunch of other artists.